Kaon Separated Beam
Superconducting 3.9GHz Transverse Mode RF Cavity


Technical Notes & Papers


separator overview       Current cavity parameters, cavity shape, and drawings


separator_CDR98        1998 Conceptual Design Report (still current except for cavity shape and details of parameters as listed in overview)


RF Design of a Transverse Mode Cavity     TM2144 Revised March 22,2001, discusses cavity shape refinement and selects new modified shape C15




Simulation and Measurements for Cavity Couplers and Extrapolation to Multi Cell and Varying Conductivities

Simulation of Two Rival Input Coupler Designs for the Superconducting Kaon Separator Cavity


May 4, 2001 Review Agenda   The Agenda, Background, and Charge for the May 4, 2001 Review


RF Drive Power Requirements    Discusses nominal RF drive power requirements neglecting microphonics & Lorentz force detuning


RF Measurement System Peak Detector Calibration


Input Coupler RF Feedthrough Design


Horizontal Input Coupler Qext Simulations


Piezo Tuner and Thermometry TD Presentation    Presentation presented to Technical Division Headquarters



Cavity History


Cavity History Table     History of cavity cleaning treatments and RF measurements


C15-1C-3A                 Measurement Notes and Files


C15-3C-1A                 Measurement Notes and Files



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