Mary Convery


  • deliver 700kW to NOvA
  • commission and operate Muon systems
  • operate accelerator complex safely and with high reliability
  • provide beams to experiments and test facilities
  • operate beam targets

Milestones for achieving 700 kW

Workshop on Booster Performance and Enhancements

Talks from the November 2015 workshop hosted by the Proton Improvement Plan are available here.
Discussions centered around (1) how best to implement enhancements that are underway; (2) near-term accelerator physics measurements and manipulations to enhance the present Booster; (3) physical improvements that can or need to be implemented in the future, especially with the planned PIP-II and PIP-III upgrades.

Performance: Neutrino beam from MI and Booster Neutrino Beam

Muon Campus beamline installation

Delivery Ring 30 straight section

Targets and Horns

NuMI targetTA-02TA-03 ready spare
TA-04 complete FY17
TA-05 complete FY17
TA-06 planned
TA-07 planned
NuMI horn 1PH1-03PH1-05 retrofitting based on PH1-04 failure
PH1-06 complete FY17
PH1-07 in progress
NuMI horn 2PH2-02PH2-03 ready spare
PH2-04 ready spare
PH2-05 complete FY17
BNB hornBNB-3BNB-4 complete FY17
last updated 11/9/16
See also TSD inventory database

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