Mary Convery


  • deliver 700kW to NOvA
  • commission and operate Muon systems
  • operate accelerator complex safely and with high reliability
  • provide beams to experiments and test facilities
  • operate beam targets

Performance: Neutrino beam from MI and Booster Neutrino Beam

Beyond 700 kW

The new superconducting linac that will be built by the PIP-II Project will provide 1.2 MW beam power for long baseline neutrino experiments.
We are proposing a series of accelerator operations improvements, PIP-I+, to increase the beam power to roughly 900 kW using the existing accelerator complex in the next few years while waiting for PIP-II.

Muon Campus beamline commissioning

Targets and Horns

NuMI targetTA-02TA-03 ready spare
TA-04 complete FY17
TA-05 complete FY17
TA-06 planned
TA-07 planned
NuMI horn 1PH1-03PH1-05 retrofitting based on PH1-04 failure
PH1-06 complete FY17
PH1-07 in progress
NuMI horn 2PH2-02PH2-03 ready spare
PH2-04 ready spare
PH2-05 complete FY17
BNB hornBNB-3BNB-4 complete FY17
last updated 11/9/16
See also TSD inventory database

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