As an X Window application, the output of this program can be displayed only on an X terminal, or on a workstation that is running an X-based windowing system (such as DECwindows.)
If BEAMLOSS$FILES is not defined, then the logical DECW$USER_DEFAULTS is used instead.
The actual readings and other numbers shown in the figures were chosen to make the displays pretty; they do not necessarily have any relationship to the values that will be seen during a run.
The loss monitor that was moved will be left in the selected state as a side effect.
It is felt that there is no other reasonable way to display a value that can range over five orders of magnitude.
The user may also specify that the reading is to be normalized to another SEM, or to a constant value; see section 4.
The method by which BeamLoss determines the requested value for a particular beamline is described in section 4.
This item will not be available unless your workstation or terminal supports more than sixteen colors or shades of gray.
The color mix dialog is the same as that used by the DECwindows session manager to set the window colors.
On the Add/Modify Loss Monitor and Add/Modify SEM dialogs, pressing the carriage return has the same effect as pressing the reset button. On the other dialogs, pressing the the carriage return is equivalent to pressing the OK button.
As of this writing, the ionization chambers and scintillation counters do not appear, since they have not yet been identified in the database.

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