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To encourage and promote international collaboration on beam dynamics studies for present and future accelerators

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Newsletter #68.  7.2 MB, 155 pages.  Edited by Jiuqing Wang (IHEP, China)

The theme is "ERL and the Beam Dynamics Challenges." 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the first ERL paper published in 1965. The author of the original paper, Maury Tigner wrote an overview of past, present and future of the ERL principle as the leading article. It is followed by eight articles discussing in detail the beam physics issues and applications in several laboratories around the world.

In this issue there are also three ICFA workshop/school reports (ERL2015, Beam Commissioning for High Intensity Accelerators and the 9th Linear Collider School), four recent doctoral thesis abstracts (Michaela Schaumann of Aachen University, Germany; Zhe Duan, Yuanyuan Guo and Saike Tian, all three from IHEP, China) and three workshop announcements (Cyclotron 2016, HB 2016, IBIC 2016).

The next issue editor for No. 69 (April 2016) is Mark Palmer (Fermilab, USA). The deadline for submitting papers and announcements is March 15, 2016.

Future ICFA Advanced
Beam Dynamics Workshops, Mini-workshops
and other meetings of interest

FCC Week April 11-15, 2016.  Rome.
HB2016 57th ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshop on High-Intensity and High- Brightness Hadron Beams, July 3-8, 2016, Malmo, Sweden.  Webpage:
IBIC 2016 International Beam Instrumentation Conference, Barcelona (Spain), September 11 to 15, 2016.
International Conference on Cyclotrons and their Applications, September 11-16, 2016,
Federal Institute of Technology in Zuric
  "Intense Beam Physics Modelling," mini-workshop, October 2-7, 2016, Boulder, Colorado.

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