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To encourage and promote international collaboration on beam dynamics studies for present and future accelerators

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Newsletter #62.  December 2013, edited by Marica Biagini (INFN-LNF, Italy) and Yannis Papaphilippou (CERN, Switzerland) is 13.5 MB and has 265 pages.

The theme is "The CLIC Challenge." Marica and Yannis collected 17 well-written articles on this theme, which together give a comprehensive overview of the Compact LInear Collider or CLIC, a very challenging novel linear e+e- collider that could reach a center-of-mass energy as high as 3 TeV.

Nigel Lockyer, Director of Fermilab and new ICFA Chair, wrote a forward in this issue. There are four activity reports (SPARC, Swiss Light Source, Australian Synchrotron Storage Ring and PETRA III), two articles in memoriam of Gus Voss (one by DESY, another by Herman Winick), a workshop report (FFAG'13), a report from the 2013 Linear Collider School, three workshops announcements (LOWeRING, EIC'14, ICFA mini-workshop on wakefields and impedance), and five doctoral thesis abstracts (Xiaohao Cui, IHEP, China; Matthias Scholz, Univ. of Hamburg, Germany; Grygorii Vashchenko, Univ. of Hamburg, Germany;Simone Maria Liuzzo, Univ. of Roma Tor Vergata, Italy; and Yi Wei Wang, IHEP, China).

The next issue editor for No. 63 (April 2014) is In Soo Ko (Posttech, South Korea). The deadline for submitting papers and announcements is March 15, 2014.

Accelerators for a Higgs Factory: Linear vs. Circular.   

Fermilab, 14-16 November 2012.



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Future ICFA Advanced
Beam Dynamics Workshops, Mini-workshops
and other meetings of interest

EIC14 International workshop for accelerator science and technology for electron-ion colliders.

March 17 to 21, 2014, Jefferson Lab, Newport News, Virginia 23606 USA LINK

  ICFA mini-workshop:  "Electromagnetic wakefields and impedances in Particle
Accelerators" 23-29 April, Erice (Sicily, Italy).  Application deadline is January 31, 2014.
FFAG '14 Brookhaven National Laboratory, September 22-26, 2014.  LINK
HB2014 54th ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshop on High-Intensity and High-Brightness Hadron Beams, East Lansing, Michigan, 10-14 November 2014.  LINK
  9th International Accelerator School for Linear Colliders, Vancouver Canada.  
Venue and date are yet to be chosen.

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Joint Accelerator Conferences Website (JACoW)

ICFA-ICUIL Joint Task Force - Fermilab site

Mission: to promote and encourage international collaboration between the accelerator and laser communities for future applications of lasers for particle acceleration.

The International Committee on Ultra-High Intensity Lasers ICUIL website

Joint Workshops of the ICFA-ICUIL Joint Task Force "High Power Laser Technology for Future Accelerators."

White Paper (final) High power laser technology for accelerators.

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