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Shortcut to Service Request Catalog. Use these forms to request something new!

Shortcut to Service Desk Incident form. Use this form when something is "broken".

If you need help creating the service desk request you can call x2345 to talk to a human.
Many common IT resources can be found here: Accelerator Division ShareIT Home.

For issues regarding accelerator components or the accelerator control system, contact the Main Control Room (x3721) which is manned 24/7.

All other support coverage is assumed to be Monday - Friday 8:30am-5pm.

Be sure to also check the Service Desk Twitter Feed to stay updated on breaking announcements (issues regarding  the laboratory's email, internet servers, ftl, etc...)

Accelerator Division Distributed Experts:


Accelerator Physics Center IOTA-FAST, MODELING-ED-THEORY,
Michael Kriss 6290

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Controls Booster Tower East Jeff Meisner 3846
Acnet Console Support AD Footprint and Service Buildings Jim Smedinghoff 4509

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Cryo MW9, CHL Gary Ganster 8419
IDEAS/CAD Support MW9, CHL Dave Richardson 3354

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E/E Support

E/E support TG 1st and 2nd floors, Booster Gallery East, SW Annex Kevin Martin 2983

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Engineering Support

Engineering Support Transfer Gallery Don Poll 4616

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ES&H Rad, waste, health Linac North Michael Vincent 3692
Interlocks X-GAL John Angelus 4422

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External Beamlines

External Beamlines WH-12,WH-13 Adam Watts 5127

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Headquarters Transfer Gallery Josh O'Connell 8765

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Instrumentation Transfer Gallery, NE Annex, MI60 Elliot McCrory 4808
LabView Support Transfer Gallery, NE Annex, MI60 Dave Slimmer 4334

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Main Injector

Main Injector SE Annex Jeff Meisner 3846

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Mechanical Support

Mechanical Support A0 Drafting and Footprint Tony Parker 4476
Beamlines and Out-Buildings Mayling Wong-Squires 2532

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Muon BTW 1st & 2nd Floors, AP10 Don Poll 4616

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Neutron Therapy Facility

Neutron Therapy Facility Linac Gallery Don Poll 4616

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Operations Cross Gallery Stan Johnson 8684

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PIP-II SE Annex Don Poll 4616

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Proton Source

Proton Source Linac Gallery Don Poll 4616

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RF Department

RF Department SW Annex, X-GAL, MI60 Joe Dey 8380

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Target Systems

Target Systems BTW Steve Conlon 4607

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USPAS WH13SW Josh O'Connell 8765

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AD Domain Support

Fermi Domain AD OU Managers (AD Servers):  All Active Directory requests for the AD OU including: password resets, object resets, and account unlocking. Nino Strothman 5518
Josh O'Connell 8765
Mack Amorn-Vichet 8438
Fermi Domain AD Desktop: Provide backup to the OU Managers. Can do most OU administration. Jeff Meisner 3846
Don Poll 4616
Gregory Brown 8040
Steve Conlon 4607
Windows Fermi Domain Accounts can be requested through the Service Desk Fermi Account request

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Network Support

Network Support for Accelerator Division:

Network issues that cannot be resolved by the Desktop Support local administrator (listed below) are covered by the Accelerator Division Network Group. 

The AD/Network  does not cover non-Accelerator Division network areas such as Lab 3, NWA, MP9, WH12, WH13, and WH10.  These areas are covered by Computing Division Datacomm networking.

Accelerator Division Footprint (Linac, Cross Gallery, Booster, Transfer Gallery), Main Injector, Muon, Tevatron. Tim Zingelman 3245
Greg Brown 8040

Accelerator Division Network Request

A network connection request form needs to be filled out for any device connecting to the Accelerator Division Networks

Steve Conlon 4607 Network Connection Request

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Network Security

Network Security Tim Zingleman 3245
Gregory Brown (deputy) 8040

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Server Support

Windows Backup/Restores: Restore Z: drive or Y: drive items. Nino Strothman 5518
Mack Amorn-Vichet 8438
Josh O'Connell 8765
Server Issues: beamssrv1 (File Server), ad-prt (Print Server), beams-fmpro-2 (FileMaker Server), beams-ts (Terminal Server). Nino Strothman 5518
Mack Amorn-Vichet 8438
Josh O'Connell 8765
License Server: (beams-license: OrCAD, AutoCAD, Altera, etc) Nino Strothman 5518
Mack Amorn-Vichet 8438
Josh O'Connell 8765
Enterprise Agreement & Software Licensing: (Microsoft, Adobe, etc) Jeff Meisner 3846

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Mac/Apple Support

MAC/Apple Support for Accelerator Division (Mac hardware, software, OSX issues, etc) Booster Tower East 2nd Floor Tim Zingelman 3245
Booster Tower East 2nd Floor Mack Amorn-Vichet 8438

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