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Fermilab Accelerator Advisory Committee Meeting: May 10-12, 2004

W. Chou for the Booster Study Group, "Booster Modeling and Space Charge Study," July 22, 2003, Presentation to the DOE Review Proton Source Sub-Committee,

Toward an Improved Model of the Fermilab Booster, a poster by Francois Ostiguy, prepared for the DOE Annual Review, March 19, 2003.  (PowerPoint)

Booster Studies Schedule
Results of Studies from January 2003

Snowmass 2001 Working Group M6
ICFA Working Group on high intensity and high brightness hadron beams
12th ICFA Mini-Workshop on space charge simulations
Midwest Accelerator Physics Collaboration

E.M./W.C., July 24, 2003

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