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Laser Chopping Collaboration Meeting


Tuesday, May 18, 2004

1-East, First floor, Wilson Hall, Fermilab



8:30-8:40         Purpose of this meeting – W. Chou (Fermilab)

8:40-9:10         A Quick Survey of the Physics of the Negative Ion of Hydrogen – H. Bryant (U. of New Mexico)

9:10-9:40         Saturation energy density for laser stripping via a broad Stark state – I. Yamane (KEK)

9:40-10:10       Laser stripping via a broad Stark state: POP experiment at BNL – D. Raparia (BNL)


10:40-11:10     Laser profile monitor implementation at SNS and laser stripping R&D for the future high power upgrade – S. Assadi (ORNL)

11:10-11:40     A0PI laser system – R. Tikhoplav (U. of Rochester/Fermilab)


 1:30-1:45         Chopping requirements of the Fermilab linac – W. Chou (Fermilab)

1:45-2:15         Injection study with and without chopping – J. MacLachlan (Fermilab)

2:15-3:00         Laser chopping schemes – R. Tomlin (Fermilab)



3:30-5:00         Discussion

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