PROTON DRIVER MI and Transfer Line



June 7

1. D. Moehs: Plan for diamond foil test at 750 keV
2. W. Chou: dE/dx and stripping cross section at 750 keV

May 25

1. X. Zhang: Electron cloud effect - simulations and measurements

May 4

1. J. Fitzgerald: Large aperture BPM linearity measurement.
2. P. Yoon: Linac-MI injection simulation.

March 30

1. X. Zhang: Review of electron cloud effect
2. P. Yoon: Plan for 3D space charge simulation in the MI
3. W. Chou: Gamma-t jump system (if time permits)

March 23

Recommendations and Action Items from Director's Review

March 2

1.  W. Chou: Recycler as an accumulator and 1 sec MI cycle
2.  D. Wolff:  Power supply for fast MI cycle

February 23

1. D. Moehs: Diamond foil test.
2. Discussion: Preparation for the Director's review.


December 15

E. Prebys: The Proton Plan.

December 8

1. D. Harding: New 8 GeV beam line - technical systems.
2. V. Wu: Simulation of the new MI rf cavity including the tuner.

December 1

1. D. Bogert: New 8 GeV beam line - layout and civil construction.
2. A. Drozhdin: New 8 GeV beam line - optics and collimation.

November 17

M. Kostin: 8 GeV linac beam dump calculation.

November 10

New MI rf system
     1. Z. Qian: Simulation (1)
     2. V. Wu: Simulation (2)
     3. A. Chen: Mechanical design.

November 3

1. B. Foster: Introduction of the SMTF plan.
2. W. Chou: 8 GeV H- injection workshop.
3. D. Bogert: New 8 GeV transport line layout

October 13

1. M. Kostin: Calculation of the 8 GeV transport line beam pipe activation.
2. V. Wu: Preliminary simulation of new MI rf cavity.

October 6

1. M. Kostin: Calculation of new beam injection dump.
2. Z. Qian: Preliminary simulation results of new MI rf cavity.

September 30.  Follow-up of the MI RF upgrade discussion of last week (added to from Sept. 7 memo)

September 29

1.  Phil Yoon, Calculation of Blackbody Radiation Stripping using Hill-Bryant Method
2.  D. Wildman: New MI rf cavity design

September 16:  Revised RF Power Calculation

September 15

1. W. Chou: Documentation of 8 GeV H- ion study.
2. A. Drozhdin: Calculation of H(0) excited states lifetime in a magnetic field.

September 8

1. J. MacLachlan: A new scheme for linac beam energy jitter correction.
      Energy Jitter Correction
      Energy Corrector Cavity for the 8 GeV Linac Proton Driver
2. A. Drozhdin: 8 GeV H- transport line and collimator design.

September 1

1. W. Chou: Status of proton driver study and plan for September.
2. R. Tomlin: Progress of laser chopping experiment.
3. R. Pasquinelli/J. Reid/D. Wildman: How to do the dual PA test for the MI RF.

July 28

1. D. Moehs: Report from the SNS H- source experiment.
2. M. Kostin: 2 MW NuMI target calculation.
3. F. Ostiguy/Discussion: The structure of the proton driver parameter list.

July 21

1.  M. Kostin: Stripping foil calculation.
2. J. Lackey: Preliminary measurement of 322 microgram/cm^2 carbon foil.

July 7

1.  W. Chou: 8 GeV H- and foil calculations - Part I
2.   Z. Tang: 8 GeV H- and foil calculations - Part II

June 30

Discussion of 8 GeV H- transport and stripping foil issues

1. W. Chou: Status of the foil calculations.
2. A. Drozhdin: Collimation in the 8 GeV H- transport line

Proposal for a Fermilab-Beijing Long Baseline Neutrino Experiment
D. Bogert, W. Chou, F. DeJongh, C. Laughton, A. Para and D. Michael
Presentation to the APS Neutrino Study Meeting, June 28-30, 2004 at Snowmass

Fermilab to Homestake (or Henderson) Experiment? Doug Michael, June 13, 2004

June 16

Possible very long baseline neutrino oscillation experiment between Fermilab and the IHEP in Beijing, China.

1. W. Chou: Motivation and information about this experiment.
2. A. Para: Physics issues.
3. D. Bogert/C. Laughton: Tunneling issues.

June 2

1.  W. Chou:  "Raparia's design of the 8 GeV beam transfer line"
2.   D. Carey: The TRANSPORT files of the beam transfer line.  (MSword file)

May 26:

1. W. Chou: Concerns about the foil stripping efficiency.
2. J. Lackey: How to measure the foil stripping efficiency at 400 MeV.
3. A. Drozhdin: How to dump the H(0) particles.

May 18:   Link to Laser Chopping Collaboration Meeting

May 12   Simulation study for the proton driver:

1. F. Ostiguy: Code development.
2. P. Lucas: Status of ESME vs. ORBIT.
3. J. MacLachlan: MI injection simulation.

May 5

1. D. Moehs: Ion source.
2. A. Drozhdin: Injection and collimation.

April 21

1. W. Chou: Upcoming events of the proton driver

  • AAC
  • Two mini-workshops (laser chopping, sc RF)
  • Visitors (D. Raparia, H. Bryant), student (P. Yoon), etc.

2. B. Foster: RF frequency choice.

Foster:  Choice of Frequency
Kustom:  Choice of Frequency

April 14

1. D. Harding: Progress report of the MI large aperture quads (WQB).
2. D. Johnson: MI lattice.

April 7

1. W. Chou: MI-30 real estate.
       Comment from G. William Foster A Frequency Choice for the SCRF Proton Driver  
2. A. Drozhdin: 8 GeV H- injection scheme I.
3. C. Johnstone: 8 GeV H- injection scheme II.

March 31

1. W. Chou: Super neutrino beams around the world.
2. Discussion - CJJ/AD/JL/DEJ/WC: 8 GeV H- injection.

March 22-26, 2004, APAC'04, Gyeongju, Korea

W. Chou, "Proton Driver for Super Neutrino Beam." (invited talk)

March 17, 2004

1. R. Tomlin: Laser chopping.
2. A. Chen/Z. Tang: Beam pipe prototyping.
     New design of a thin metallic beam pipe.
     Effects of thickness change.
3. W. Chou: SNS HEBT design.

March 10, 2004

Roger Dixon, "Charge for Accelerator Division Proton Driver Study Group"
Weiren Chou, "Accelerator Division Proton Driver Kickoff - Motivation, Information and Work Assignments"

E.M./W.C., August 10, 2005

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