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Proton Driver Internal Technical Review
April 17-19, 2000, Fermilab


Review of the Proton Driver,
April 2000

Weiren Chou, "Overview of the Proton Driver"  ps file  pdf file

Terry Anderson, "Proton Driver Ring Vacuum System" MS Word  pdf file

Cezary Jach, "Proton Driver Magnet   Power Supply"  PowerPoint file   pdf file

David Harding, "Magnets: Engineering Issues" (MSWord)








MISSION: "The proton driver is a high intensity rapid cycling proton synchrotron. It will serve four purposes: (1) to increase the Main Injector beam intensity by a factor of 3-4; (2) to deliver a 1 MW proton beam on the target for a future neutrino factory; (3) to be upgradable to a 4 MW proton source for a future muon collider; (4) to enable new physics programs based on its stand-alone capabilities."

Ernie Malamud.   revised September 18, 2000

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