Subject: Mtg. Minutes
From: Larry Allen
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2010 17:14:46 -0500
To: Rob Reilly , Ben Ogert , Mike Gerardi , Dave Augustine , Joel Fulgham , Ang Lee , Bill Higgins , Mike Foley , Milorad Popovic , Duane Newhart , Gary Lautenschlager , kamran Vaziri , Fernanda Garcia ,

As Ang Lee's last Calculation shows that all of the copper Alloys but C19400 do not meet the ANSI specifications for stress and heat load stress under vacuum
As we can only find C19400 copper in thin sheets, we discussed alternatives.
1. There does not appear to any other metal that has the strength and Thermal conductivity
     the serve the purpose.
2. Ang had proposed making the heat sink two inches thick. This would narrow  the aperture
     such that the beam would be hitting outside the dump.
3. There is a proposal to build an insert with stainless steel on the outside and the beam
    absorber made out of copper on the inside.
     a. Bonding copper to the stainless would be difficult to do in a way that would preclude
          virtual leaks.
     b. It was suggested that we not solidly attach the copper absorber to the stainless. We
          could place it inside on rails, much the way drawers are mounted. (A dovetailed
Rob will draw this up and give it to Ang for temperature calculations.
4. We discussed thickening the sides of the Insert to possibly remove more heat that way.
    We will ask Ang about it.
5. Rob will look further abroad for thick C19400 copper or into finding a company who will
    specially make thicker piece for us.

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