Subject: Minutes Linac Momentum Dump Meeting - 12/14/2010
From: Fernanda Gallinucci Garcia <>
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2010 17:37:31 -0600
To: Fernanda Gallinucci Garcia <>, Larry Allen <>, Diane Reitzner <>, Rob Reilly <>, Joel Fulgham <>, Gary Lautenschlager <>, Duane Newhart <>, Patrick Karns <>, kamran Vaziri <>, Ang Lee <>

Attendees: Fernanda G. Garcia, Diane Reitzner, Ang Lee, Rob Reilly, Larry Allen, Joel Fulgham, Duane Newhart, Pat Karns, Kamran Vaziri

Meeting started with Fernanda announcing that she will take over the organization of the Working Group now that Larry retired. He will
continue contributing to the group and participating in the discussions.

Diane presented her MARS calculations for the scenario of SS+Graphite Core and W.
She updated the current MARS card file so it will describe our current knowledge of the dump area. This setup was taken as
baseline for the comparisons with the sleeve.

The Carbon core with SS sleeve proved to be the most promising of the results as activation and hadron production are concern. However,
Kamran strongly advised us to have the graphite confined in a container. This created some mechanical complications which lead to the equivalent condition of having a window at the end of the sleeve. Naturally, with the insertion of a container, requirement for a vacuum sealed, Oxygen free environment for the graphite core, these conditions aised some deep questions about practicality and longevity of the setup. On top of that, it naturally developed a clear question that one would have a similar setup if one would choose to have a window at the end of the sleeve.
Despite the efforts to find an elegant, long term solution with minimum maintenance for this problem, it looks like we were unable to fulfill all the constraints and conditions to succeed on this path. So, we start discussing about a window configuration.

For next meeting:
1) Ang Lee will find out what is the appropriate thickness of the window he will recommend based on a 6" or 8" diameter
2) This info will get transfer to Diane who will run MARS under these conditions. SS sleeve (1/8 in thick) with a Ti window welded at the end
3) We also talked about a possibility to have a Ti sleeve and end cap in one piece. Despite the immediate reaction that this may be almost
impossible to accomplish Rob Reilly will investigate with some companies this possibility. If successful, Diane will then run MARS under this
4) Another question raised was the benefit of having a Ti sleeve with a Ti window welded. Rob Reilly will answer this question mechanical speaking.

Next Meeting: January 11, 2010 1:00 pm place TBD.

Happy Holidays to all and thank you all for the constructive, intelligent discussions on this subject.

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