Subject: Linac Momentum Dump - Simulation Needed
From: Igor Rakhno
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 14:43:34 -0500
To: Fernanda Gallinucci Garcia , Kamran Vaziri
CC: Igor Rakhno

    Hi Fernanda,

Attached please find the figures with calculated distributions of stars, residual and prompt dose. For each quantity I supply two figures - with and without the INSERT. The major difference is observed in residual activation of the absorber itself.  One can see significantly higher residual activation of its front surface, which is not a surprise because the interaction point moved upstream.  I hope Kamran can conservatively quantify the difference from the figures.  If necessary, just let me know and I can give required numerical data on the dose. 

Star density in the soil and prompt dose right at the beam pipe hole in the wall in the gallery did not change much due to the INSERT.  The increase is about 5%.  Probably, it is not necessary to quantify the difference more precisely because it is pretty low.


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From: Fernanda Gallinucci Garcia <>
Date: Tuesday, June 16, 2009 1:58 pm
Subject: Re: Linac Momentum Dump - Simulation Needed
To: Igor Rakhno <>
Cc: Rob Reilly <>, Fernanda Gallinucci Garcia <>

Hi Igor,
 Thank you for the message. We are still very interested in the 
 simulation results. Without them we cannot make too much more progress
 in our design. The results of the simulation at this point are 
 for the decision-making  regarding we are going to the right direction.
 According to previous wire data the beam spot size historically is ~ 
 cm Hor. and ~ 5 cm Vert.
  Rob: Can you please send Igor a copy of the latest insert geometry 
 the material that will be made of.
 Igor Rakhno wrote:
 > Hi Fernanda,
 > I was not able to start the calculations yet, sorry. 
 > If this modeling is still necessary, please let me know if beam 
size at the entrance of the absorber is known.  Previously I used some 
data which, probably, was received from you.  It would be good to 
check and confirm the beam size once more.   
 > And since June 2 there was no email from Rob Reilly regarding the 
drawing of a new design.  It might be my email address fell through a 
crack in his list. 
 > Igor

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