Subject: Linac MWIRE5 Project - Linac Parameters - NOVA era
From: Fernanda Gallinucci Garcia <>
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2010 13:10:35 -0600
To: Daniel Schoo <>, Gianni Tassotto <>
CC: Fernanda Gallinucci Garcia <>

Hi guys,

Here is the info you requested:

Linac parameters:

For every HEP pulse there will be:
35 mA @ 2 usec @ 15 Hz going to dump:
4.37E11 ppp
6.56E12 pps
0.420 kW beam power

We also use Linac Studies pulse to steer the beam to Booster.
One can imagine 5 min study pulse every 8 hrs.
35 mA @ 20 usec anything from 1-15 Hz is available
Max: (15 Hz)
4.37E12 ppp
6.56E13 pps
4.2 kW beam power

Min: (1 Hz)
4.37 E12 ppp
4.37 E12 pps
0.28 kW beam power

The web page is
Click on Wire 5 Replacement and meeting dated 4/01/2010 there is a link for Linac Wire 5 - Horizontal(Vertical) Historical Data
Let me know if you need more info.


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