Fermilab Linac

The Fermilab Linac is a H- (negative hydrogen ion), 400MeV particle accelerator.

It includes a

35KeV H- ion source,
750KeV RIL (RFQ Injection Line including a Low & Medium Energy Beam Transport),
116MeV Drift-Tube (Alverez) Linac operating at 201.25MHz
401MeV Side-Coupled Cavity Linac operating at 805MHz.
Many details can be obtained from the picture displays listed in the sidebar to the left.

The Fermilab Linac provides beam for Booster operation at frequencies from 0.1 to 8 Hz.

Linac is also capable of providing 66MeV beam to the Fermilab Neutron Therapy Facility (NTF).

Linac at Work

Operations Information
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Technical Documentation

Linac Personnel

Phone link also has link to email address
 Fermilab Official Phonebook web page

Fernanda G. Garcia, Group Leader
Trevor Butler
Matthew Gardner
Ken Hartman
Shoua Moua
Brian Stanzil
Douglas Tapp
Johnathan Walters

Preaccelerator Personnel

Phone link also has link to email address
 Fermilab Official Phonebook web page

Dan Bollinger, Group Leader
Andrew Feld
Pat Karns phone
Ken Koch
Alex Garcia Sosa

Recent Performance of the Fermilab Linac

Detailed Data plots for critical Linac devices
Current machine status

Select a Linac Parameter Page for viewing

Linac beamcurrent over the last 24 hours (updated every 10 minutes, beginning at :02).

Linac beam lasts between 15 and 50 &mu sec, and repeats at 15 Hz, for a duty factor between 0.0225% and 0.0750%. Zero current usually means that we are not being asked to produce beam for the rest of the facility.

Latest Linac beam current

Linac ion source beam current oscilloscope plot (updated every 15 minutes, beginning at :01).
Ion source beam current

This is the transmission through Linac over the last week

Weekly Transmission

This is the number of beam pulses delivered by the Linac each day for the last 120 days

Number beam

This is the Linac beam velocity changes over the last 2 days

Beam velocity plot

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