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Pictures in the Fermilab Linac

August 23, 1995

These pictures were taken when we opened up tank 2 in the Fermilab Linac. Tank 2 accelerates the H-minus ion beam from 10 MeV to about 22 MeV. It is an "Alverez" type drift-tube linac structure. We opend the tank because of a bad drift tube in the beginning of the tank.

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Larry Allen
entering Tank 2
L.A. about half-way
down Tank 2
The RF end plate
of Tank 2
Same. Note the
due to sparking
Same The emittance
probe between
Tanks 1 and 2
The bulk tuner
for Tank 2.
Emit Probe
Mirror viewing
emittance slit
Out of focus

This series of pictures is of the downstream half of the Fermilab Linac. This half is powered by 805 MHz RF systems.
Area between
Tank 5 and 1st
transition section
before installtion
of BLD
Different angle
Area between
1st transition section
and "Vernier"
Different angle.
Area between
Venier and Module 1
Different angle
BLD 0-4 Area between
M1 & M2
Area between
M6 & M7
Area between
M2 & M3
Input to M1

Big Pictures

These pictures are 8x10 originals and are about 0.1 MB each to download.

Detailed picture
of BLD 0-1
400 MeV Area
looking from
400 MeV Area
looking upstream
A prototype BPM
and a quarter
A prototype
wire scanned
and it's E&M