The Booster transfer sync module is used to generate the BES and MI sync pulse at extraction. The module has as inputs: The module has the following outputs: The module is used to sync up the Booster extraction kickers to either the Booster revolution marker or to the MI target marker. The module will sync the BES pulse to the MI 'OAA' whenever it is present. When the 'OAA' is not seen, the BES pulse will sync to the Booster revolution marker. The dump switch position, when it is set to the Booster Dump (High TTL), will sync all extraction requests to the Booster revolution marker.  The module has a single mode fiber receiver and transmitter accessible through the back panel.  The B:MIBESE trigger is used to enable a reset pulse to the MI (via fiber) on MI beam cycles when the 'OAA' marker is not present .  A timing module which receives the BES, 'OAA', MIEXTR, and a cycle reset pulse can be used to diagnose timing problems.  The module counts Booster RF cycles between the 'OAA' and BES pulses.  The output, B:BESAAT should be a flatline when snapshoted.  Steps in the B:BESAAT signal at extraction time may be indicative of timing jitter between the BES and 'OAA' marker.

 Booster Transfer Sync Diagram

Booster Transfer State Diagram

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