Proton Source Projects and Status

Run II and Beyond


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Proton Source Projects and Status 
Run II and Beyond 

Projects Essential for Run II Turn-on 

Brentford Yard 

West Tower Building 

Pin Pile, Heavy Concrete, and Tunnel 

Down to the top of the Booster Tunnel 

Ridiní High 

On Stilts! 

Steel to the Ceiling 

New East Gallery GMPS Installation 

New Kicker Power Supply 

Essential Turn-on Projects Schedule 

Current Linac Activities  

Current Linac Activities, conít 

To Run II Intensity and Emittance Goals 

Projects Required for NUMI/MiniBoone 

Reliability and Maintenance Issues 

Proton Source Personnel Breakdown  

Proton Source Personnel Statistics 

Proton Source Personnel Issues 

Gap Relative to MI Marker at Cycle End 

Gap Trajectory Controlled through cycle 

PPT Slide 

PPT Slide

Author: Bob Webber 


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