Switching from Booster's old VCO to the New Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS)
Todd Sullivan (12/3/96)

To run on new DDS system | To return to old VCO
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To run on new DDS system:

1. On page B64 <4>, enter desired clock events in the timer reference field for both B:DDSSWT and B:DDSCTG. Note: B:DDSCTG should also have events $11 and $12 in the reference field. Enable both parameters.

2. Remove the above clock events from B:FSLKON. (Note: If running on new VCO for all beam cycles just disable B:FSLKON.)

3. Injection frequency is now controlled by B:VFINJ rather than B:INJFRQ on these cycles.
VXI parameters should be set as follows:
B:VFINJ     37908936     Hz     tune as needed

Parameters that also affect the digital frequency source, but should not need to be tuned include:
B:VCDLY         2100 m sec
B:VFRSTP       4 unit
B:VFIDR           500 m sec
B:VAPLGN      12 unit

To return to old VCO:

1. Disable B:DDSSWT.

2. Re-enable B:FSLKON by entering the desired beam events into the timer reference field, including the $11 and $12 events. Use B:INJFRQ to tune injection frequency.

If there are problems with the DDS, Bob Webber should be informed.

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