Toward the ILC:

A Fermilab Community School on R&D Challenges and Opportunities

July 25-27, 2007, Fermilab, Batavia, IL


Introduction to ILC, R. Kephart  (ppt, 21 MB)

ILC Test Facilites, S. Nagaitsev  (ppt, 8 MB)

Physics Imperatives for the ILC, C. Quigg  (pdf, 7 MB)

Challenges of Main Linac, M. Ross  (ppt, 21 MB)

Positron Production for the ILC, J. Sheppard  (ppt, 13 MB)

Introduction to ILC SRF Physics and Technology, H. Padamsee

    Part I  (ppt, 19 MB)     Part II  (ppt, 16 MB)

    Movie I  (avi, 2 MB)     Movie II  (avi, 5 MB)     Movie III  (avi, 1 MB)

Conventional Facilities and Logistics, V. Kuchler  (ppt, 57 MB)

Beam Delivery, A. Seryi  (ppt, 12 MB)

Feedback and Timing, J. Corlett (ppt, 17 MB)

Instrumentation, M. Wendt  (ppt, 14 MB)

Controls, J. Carwardine  (ppt, 3 MB)

Where Machine and Detector Meet, E. Torrence  (pdf, 6 MB)

What Will the Neighbors Think?, K. Riesselman  (pdf, 0.03 MB)

U.S. ILC R&D Plans, M. Harrison  (pdf, 3 MB)


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