LCLS II Activities at Fermilab

Linear Coherent Light Source II (LCLS II)
  • Light source located at SLAC; an upgrade to the existing LCLS I
  • 4 GeV superconducting electron linac
  • LCLS-II will add two new X-ray laser beams and room for additional new instruments, greatly increasing the number of experiments carried out each year.
  • Supported by DOE-Basic Energy Sciences
FNAL's scope of work for LCLS II
  • Work on High Q0 development
    • Goal is to establish that the parameter choice of 2.7 E10 (in production) is valid, and that the cryoplant design capacity is adequate
    • Breakthrough for SRF-based accelerators (lowers cost to operate)
  • Design, fabricate & test seventeen 1.3 GHz and two 3.9 GHz cryomodules
    • Fermilab responsible for the design
    • Fermilab and JLab will share production of 1.3 GHz cryomodules
    • Fermilab has sole responsibility for 3.9 GHz cryomodule
    • Leverages DOE investment made for infrastructure at both labs
      • Utilizes existing infrastructure and adds cryomodule testing capability
  • Design & fabricate cryogenic distribution system
    • Work closely with JLab on the interface of the cryoplant, cryo distribution and cryomodules to assure completely consistent design
  • For above deliverables provide installation and commissioning support at SLAC
  • Assistance with linac accelerator physics and LLRF control
The LCLS II project is a collaborative effort between several institutions
  • SLAC, ANL, Cornell, FNAL, LBNL, and TJNAF
LCLS II offers the opportunity to bring together on one project the leading U.S. SRF institutions and takes advantage of the existing DOE investment in SRF infrastructure at both Fermilab and JLab. It will be a shining example of cooperation and collaboration between our two labs (Fermilab and Jefferson Lab) as the goal is to utilize expertise at both labs and to build identical cryomodules at each facility. Cryomodules will be tested at each lab and shipped to SLAC for installation in the tunnel.
At Fermilab, the project design work is ongoing with production of the first cryomodule scheduled for early FY16. All FNAL assembled cryomodules will be complete by the end of 2018. The LCLS II project will employ approximately half the Lab's trained SRF workforce.

The major benefit of LCLS II for Fermilab is that it strengthens our workforce and establishes a production mentality which assures that we are ready to build our next machine (PIP II).

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