The Accelerator Division's Mechanical Support Department maintains two cleanrooms - at CMTF and NWA. These facilities contain equipment for cleaning, assembling, and testing components, as well as a trained technical staff that is available to support the various accelerators and projects throughout Fermilab.

CMTF Cleanroom

The cleanroom at CMTF is a 900 square foot space that has the capability to clean and assemble high vacuum (HV), ultra-high vacuum (UHV), and UHV low-particulate parts. It is divided into three cleanroom areas: Class 10,000-production, Class 100-preassembly, and Class 10-assembly. Deionized water and high purity nitrogen are hard piped into the cleanroom for cleaning and particle blow-off purposes.
One small and two medium-sized ultrasonic tanks are located in the Class 10,000 area for cleaning and rinsing components and three 204-gallon (28"x70"x24"D) tanks are located in the pre-clean area adjacent to the cleanroom for processing of larger parts. This space also holds an automated parts washer for first-pass cleaning and degreasing of hardware and small parts. Parts can be cleaned upon request according to this procedure. Please direct all requests to Ron Kellett (x4125 or All jobs will require a job ticket complete with task number.

NWA Cleanroom

The cleanroom at NWA is a 300 square foot, Class 1,000 assembly space with a dry leak detector within. The large fabrication shop area adjacent to the cleanroom contains a soak/wash cleaning station, three 500-gallon ultrasonic tanks (120"x32"x38"D) for UHV parts only, three small ultrasonic tanks, and a 300°C bakeout oven (146"x52"x42"). The area also has partial crane coverage.
Capabilities of this 8000 square foot facility include RGA analysis, helium leak detection, helium leak detector repair, vacuum component fabrication, turbo and scroll pump repair/rebuild, vacuum system design and assembly, technical support for external vacuum systems and experiments, machine shop fabrication, and oil-based vacuum pump repair/rebuild. Work requests for this area should be directed to James Williams (x3821 or

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