CAMAC 040 - Pulse Train Output

N. Lau

Table of Contents

^General Description

This single-width module uses 16 bits of data. These bits are loaded into one of the three register counters. At the end of the write command the register counts down until the counter reaches zero. The counter may be started also from an external negative-going signal on the I/O connector. The train of pulse at 100 KHz rate is equal to the number of binary bits set.


CAMAC Commands
F(6)A(0)Reads module number
F(16)A(1)Load register 1 and start train of pulses from register 1
F(16)A(2)Load register 2 and start train of pulses from register 2
F(16)A(3)Load register 3 and start train of pulses from register 3
Z*S2Clears all registers

^Front Panel

The following lights and switches are provided on the front panel
Front Panel
N Flashed whenever module is addressed
Out 1Flashes when register one is outputting pulses
Out 2Flashes when register two is outputting pulses
Out 3Flashes when register three is outputting pulses
Isolated BNC
All BNCs are transformer-coupled.
Output is 1uS pulse width, 10V into 50 Ohm at 100Khz
Out 1Register 1 output
Out 2Register 2 output
Out 3Register 3 output

^I/O Connector

C040 I/O Signals
2L 2R 
3LStart 13R 
4L 4R 
6L 6R 
8L 8R 
9L 9R 
10L 10R 
11L 11R 
12L 12R 
13L 13R 
14L 14R 
15L 15R 
16L 16R 
17L 17R 
18L 18R 

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