CAMAC 054 - HEX Unipolar 16 Bit DAC

Robert J. Ducar
February 20, 1984

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The CAMAC 054 module is a six channel high resolution DAC. The DAC's used (Analog Devices DAC71-CSB-V) have 16 bits of resolution and are wired for unipolar operation. Each channel has a buffered out capable of driving a load capacitance of 300pf. Slew rate is limited to approximately .16V/uS. Zero and gain adjustments are provided for each channel. All outputs are set to zero upon power up or module clear.

Connection to this module is especially critical. Good cabling practices are mandatory - typically requiring shielded twisted pair cable. The signal from the 054 module should generally be received by a high quality differential amplifier. The module can source 10 mA at the Plus Full Scale Output.

Output Scaling

RANGEZero volts to full scale of 10.240 volts

CAMAC 054 module op codes

All codes return Q and X immediately.

F(0) A(N)
Read D/A value of DACn
F(6) A(0)
Reads the module number
F(9) A(0)
Resets the module
Logical OR with Z*S2 and Power Up Clear
Sets each channel to zero output
F(16) A(N)
Sets D/A value of DACn
The 054 Module is not capable of asserting LAM.

Front Panel

The 054 module front panel supports the following:
NLED (stretched)Indicates the module is being addressed
DAC0->DAC5Output Monitor Test Points (LEMO)
100 ohm series impedance)
+-15, +5, GNDTest Points

CAMAC 054 Module I/O Assignments

2RDAC 5 Output
5RDAC 4 Output
8RDAC 3 Output
11RDAC 2 Output
14RDAC 1 Output
17RDAC 0 Output

A custom 2" x 2" I/O PC board is available to facilitate termination and strain relief of RG108 twisted pair cable.

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