C070/071 Synchronous Data/Value Update Generator

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The first 16 memory locations (000-00F) are allocated to data table starting addresses. Memory location 000 is assigned to the INITIALIZE cycle data table and 001-00F to SEQUENCE cycle data tables. The minimum starting address for any data table is 010.

The generator's program address register is always reset to a starting address at the occurence of the INITIALIZE or SEQUENCE input.

CAMAC Function codes

CAMAC Function Codes
F(20)A(0)Load CAMAC R/W address reg
W16=0: Allow inc
W16=1: Inhibit inc
W10-1: MSB-LSB Address (1K)
F(16)A(0)Load CAMAC write register with Data W24-1
Initiate memory write from indicated address, inc R/W adr reg at end of write if allowed.
F(0)A(0)Read CAMAC read register
Initiate memory rad from indicated address, inc R/W adr reg at end of read if allowed.
F(4)A(0)Read module status
R1=1: Generator on
R2=1: Clock overflowed (070 only)
F(6)A(0)Read module number 070 or 071
F(9)A(0)Clear module, Immediate off
F(24)A(0)Synchronous off
Generator off at next INIT or SEQ
F(26)A(0)Synchronous on
Generator on at next INIT or SEQ

Note: For doing sequential reads (F(0)'s) from the R/W reg allowed to increment, the first 2 F(0) operations subsequent to an F(20) operation will both transfer memory data from the address indicated by the F(20) operationi. Subsequent F(0) operations will transfer normally incremented data.

I/O Assignments

1LD24 1RD12
2LD23 2RD11
3LD22 3RD10
4LD21 4RD9
5LD20 5RD8
6LD19 6RD7
7LD18 7RD6
8LD17 8RD5
9LD16 9RD4
13L 13R 
14L 14R 
15LAnalog 115RAnalog 2
16L/Update Data16R/Update Data
17L/Output Enable17R/Output Enable

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