CAMAC Module 154 - Stepping and Induction Motor Controller

General Description

This single-width module contains a 15-bit 150Hz count-down counter. After being loaded, the counter automatically counts down until a count of zero is reached. When the counter is running, two different types of outputs are provided. Five-volt 50 uS pulses are used to increment or decrement stepping motors depending upon the status of the sign flip-flop. Relay closures are used to run induction motors *eg. collimator control) in either of two directions, again depending upon the status of the sign flip-flop. The counter may be written, read, or cleared at any time. For power supply control, 1100mS ON, OFF, and RESET pulses are provided rrom isolated relay contacts. An additional writable and readable flip flop provides an extra relay contact called "POLARITY". Four inputs are provided for status monitoring (8 on the Jorway models).


Read/Write coding to all registers is shown below
2423222120 19181716151413121110 987654321
F(0) A(0)Reads counter, polarity bit
(Inhibits counter during reading)
F(0) A(1)Reads status bits
F(6) A(0)Reads module number
F(9) A(0)Clears counter
F(12) A(0)Generates "RESET" pulse
F(28) A(0)Generates "OFF" pulse
F(30) A(0)Generates "ON" pulse
F(16) A(0)Loads counters, polarity bit
(inhibits counter during loading)
ZClears counter

Front Panel

Module Select LED
Flashes whenever module is addressed
On when counter is counting and a "0" has been loaded into the sign bit
Down LED
On when counter is counting and a "1" has been loaded into the sign bit

Viking I/O

2L  2R 
3L  3R 
4LStatus input 1 4RStatus input 5
5LStatus input 3 5RStatus input 7
6LStatus input 2 6RStatus input 6
7LStatus input 4 7RStatus input 8
8L  8R 
9LPolarity relay 9RPolarity relay
10LOFF relay10ROFF relay
11L 11R 
12LON relay12RON relay
13LDOWN relay13RDOWN relay
14LUP relay14RUP relay
15LRESET relay15RRESET relay
16LUP pulses (Lo side)16RUP pulses (Hi side)
17L 17R 
18LDOWN pulses (Lo side)18RDOWN pulses (Hi side)

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