CAMAC C203 Beam Permit Fanout

General Description

The C203 module is used to fan out the MI local beam permit signal at MI8 to the MiniBoone and Recycler permits so that they will fall when the MI8 line devices pull the MI abort.

This module is installed int MI crate $80 slot 17.

CAMAC Commands

C203 CAMAC Functions
F(1)A(0)Read module status.
Returns 1 if MI8 local permit up.
F(6)A(0)Read module ID (203).

Front Panel

The following LEDs are provided on the front panel:

Front Panel
Module Select (N) LEDFlashed whenever the module is addressed
Permit LEDOn whenever the MI8 local permit is up
Power LEDOn when module is powered

I/O Connector

C203 I/O Signals
1L 1R 
2LGND2RPermit in
3LGND3RPermit out 1
4LGND4RPermit out 2
5LGND5RPermit out 3
6L 6R 
7L 7R 
8L 8R 
9L 9R 
10L 10R 
11L 11R 
12L 12R 
13L 13R 
14L 14R 
15L 15R 
16L 16R 
17L 17R 
18L 18R 

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