CAMAC C206 Kluge for Qualifying the Triggers for Booster
MP01, MP02 and ORBMP Based Upon Events per Interval


1. The C206 module creates a sixteen-second window by counting 240 TCLK $0F events. Within this time window the input triggers are passed as output triggers unless a trip boundary count is exceeded. Likewise, the C206 inhibits an output to the Booster Beam Permit (C200) system whenever the output triggers are held off.The trip boundary count is set using on board piano switches. When the sixteen-second time window rolls over the outputs and trip count are automatically reset. The C206 requires a TCLK $0F input. If this DCE is missing for 78 msec or more than the outputs will be inhibited until the clock event returns.


2. CNAF Codes

All valid codes return Q and X immediately.

F(0)*A(0) Data Read

R16 (MSB) thru R9 (LSB)Trip Boundary Setting

R8 (MSB) thru R1 (LSB)Triggers Remaining Until Trip

F(1)*A(0) Status Read

R16 thru R4not used, always return 0 (zero)

R3DCE Missing. Fault Condition =1

R2Boundary Exceeded. Fault Condition =1

R1Output Held Off. Fault Condition =1

F(6)*A(0) Module Identifier Read

Returns: $CE (hex), 206 (dec)

F(9)*A(0) Clear

Reloads counters, enables output triggers and removes disable of the Booster Beam Permit.


3. Front panel,

C206 Trigger Qualifier

There are two front panel LED’s (red colored, not stretched):

Boundary Exceeded is lit if the selected trigger boundary has been exceeded since the last CAMAC reset command (F9 or power-up)

Output Held Off is lit whenever the output triggers and beam permit output are inhibited.


4. I/O connections

All input/output connections use custom RG-58 cable assemblies via paddleboard:

4RTrigger Out (BNC male)

8RTrigger In (BNC female)

12RTCLK $0F In (LEMO male)

16RBeam Permit Out (BNC male)


5. Installation and spares

Two modules are installed in Booster CAMAC crates:

For MP01 in $71 slot 7

For ORBMP in $30 slot 22

There are two system spares.

This module uses one PAL. 206CAM

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