The CAMAC 220 card presently exists only in kludge form as
	a gallon totalizer for Pbar utilities LCW make-up water.
	The card takes a form C relay contact as an input signal to
	totalize. The counter is a straight binary counter, 32 bits
	long. The counter may be read or written as low and high word
	Camac commands. The count is preserved on power down by an
	on board battery.

	The opcode listing is as follows:

		F(0) A(0) -- read low word
		F(0) A(1) -- read high word

		F(6) A(0) -- read module no. (220D)

		F(9) A(0) -- reset module

		F(16) A(0) -- write low word
		F(16) A(1) -- write high word

	Input/Output connections are:

		1L,1R -- contact C

		2L,2R -- contact NC

		3L,3R -- contact NO

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