C283 BSCLK 7.5MHz Gap Detector

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Note: Please see Ann Mason or Bob Ducar for more information.


module 28314a
title ' CAMAC 283                                    R. DUCAR
 8-3-88 '
28314a device 'f173';
F16, F8, F4, F2, F1, A8  pin 1,2,3,4,5,6;
A4, A2, N, A1, S1  pin 7,8,9,10,11;
S2, Z, QX, R, F60, F10   pin 13,14,15,16,17,18;
F00, CLR, KICK, OA, PUC  pin 19,20,21,22,23;
H,L,X,Z = 1,0,.X.,.Z.;
"Use standard PALASM operators
 /QX = /N*F16*F8*F4*F2*F1*A8*A4*A2*A1*PUC +       "F(0) A(0)
       /N*F16*F8*F4*F2*/F1*A8*A4*A2*A1*PUC +      "F(1) A(0)
       /N*F16*F8*/F4*/F2*F1*A8*A4*A2*A1*PUC +     "F(6) A(0)
       /N*F16*F8*/F4*/F2*/F1*A8*A4*A2*A1*PUC +    "F(7) A(0)
       /N*F16*/F8*F4*F2*/F1*A8*A4*A2*A1*PUC       ;"F(9) A(0)
 /R = /N*F16*F8*F4*F2*F1*A8*A4*A2*A1*PUC +        "F(0) A(0)
      /N*F16*F8*F4*F2*/F1*A8*A4*A2*A1*PUC +       "F(1) A(0)
      /N*F16*F8*/F4*/F2*F1*A8*A4*A2*A1*PUC        ;"F(6) A(0)
 /F60 = /N*F16*F8*/F4*/F2*F1*A8*A4*A2*A1*PUC;
 /F10 = /N*F16*F8*F4*F2*/F1*A8*A4*A2*A1*PUC;
 /F00 = /N*F16*F8*F4*F2*F1*A8*A4*A2*A1*PUC;
 /CLR = /N*F16*/F8*F4*F2*/F1*A8*A4*A2*A1*/S1*PUC + /Z*/S2 + /PUC
"DESCRIPTION:  This PAL provides the NAF decoding for the CAMAC
               283 module.  A F(7)A(0) code for a no-op read is 
               included in the QX term.  
end 28314a

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