CAMAC C337 - SVX Protection Permit Sum

Rupert Crouch/Mike Kuplic

Table of Contents


The C337 is a single width CAMAC module used to "OR" the permit outputs of four C336 SVX Radiation Dose Integrator modules and four C335 SVX Radiation Dose Monitor modules for SVX protection at D0. The module also interfaces with a rack mounted panel for alarm sounds and control pushbuttons.

^Module Operation

When a permit from a 335 module drops, the 337 will drop the permit out to the D0 service building, causing the circulating beam to abort. The module will also light a LED and sound an alarm on the rack panel. A pushbutton is provided on the panel to silence the alarm. Another pushbutton on the panel is used to acknowledge the abort and reset the permit out (after the 335 is reset).

When a permit from a 336 drops, the 337 will light a LED and sound an alarm on the rack panel. A pushbutton on the rack panel will silence the alarm.

^CAMAC Functions

F(1)A(0)Read status register. The bits are defined as follows:
Bit 7335 input 1 (0=permit)
Bit 6335 input 2 (0=permit)
Bit 5335 input 3 (0=permit)
Bit 4335 input 4 (0=permit)
Bit 3336 input 1 (1=permit)
Bit 2336 input 2 (1=permit)
Bit 1336 input 3 (1=permit)
Bit 0336 input 4 (1=permit)
F(6)A(0)Read module number. Returns 337

^I/O Connections

C337 Viking I/O Connections
1LGND1RPermit Out
2LGND2R335 #1
3LGND3R335 #2
4LGND4R335 #3
5LGND5R335 #4
6LGND6R336 #1
7LGND7R336 #2
8LGND8R336 #3
9LGND9R336 #4
12LGND12R/ABORT Alarm Silence pushbutton
13LGND13R/Integrated Dose Silence pushbutton
14LGND14R/ABORT Acknowledge pushbutton
16LGND16R/ABORT Acknowledge LED
17LGND17R/Integrated Dose Alarm
18LGND18R/Integrated Dose LED

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