T:STRDUR - Store Duration Timer


T:STRDUR is a 24 bit counter controlled by TCLK events. It is implemented using a CAMAC kludge module controlling a Jorway Model 84 Scaler. The kludge module supplies the scaler with count and reset pulses as well as an inhibit level. The scaler is located in the Main Control Room in Switchyard crate $01 slot 16 and the kludge card is in slot 17.

TCLK Events

Start Count/Reset counter
EVENTEvent Definition
$CBBegin colliding physics

Hold Count
EVENTEvent Definition
$46End of beam operations
$47Bean has been aborted
$4BAbort clean up (Dump Beam)
$59End store/proton removal
$CEEnd Colliding physics

Maximum Count

0xFFFFFF seconds

PAL Equations

module _U4 

'Scaler Controller

Checksum: 2592
Fuse no: 00298'

U4 device 'f153';

"Pin Declarations

d0,d1,d2,d3,d4,d5,d6,d7		PIN   1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8;
dvalid	 			pin   9;
reset,  inhibit			pin  18,19;
gnd,vcc				PIN  10,20;

event = [d7..d0];	" Macro for simplifying code


" Reset and start count on $CB - Begin colliding physics

!reset     = dvalid & (event==^hCB);	

" Stop counting on the following events
"	$46 - End of beam operations
"	$47 - Beam has been aborted
"	$4B - Abort clean up (Dump beam)
"	$59 - End store / Proton removal
"	$CE - End colliding physics

!inhibit   = dvalid & (event==^h46)
           # dvalid & (event==^h47)
           # dvalid & (event==^h4B)
           # dvalid & (event==^h59)
           # dvalid & (event==^hCE)
           # !inhibit & reset;		" Hold state until reset


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