GIF of Booster crate map

Crate Faces
CrateFront EndLocation
$20BOOSTRWest Gallery G23-RR2-1
$21BOOSTRWest Gallery G23-RR2-2
$22BOOSTRWest Gallery G23-RR2-3
$23BOOSTRWest Gallery RCCW-4
$24BOOSTRWest Gallery G24-RR2-3
$25BOOSTRWest Gallery G24-RR2-3
$2ABOOSTRWest Gallery G24-RR4-1
$2BBOOSTRWest Gallery G24-RR4-4
$30BOOSTRWest Gallery G01-RR2-2
$31BOOSTRWest Gallery G01-RR2-2
$32BOOSTRWest Gallery G01-RR2-3
$39BOOSTRBill Pelico's Tech Area
$40BOOSTRWest Gallery G02-RR1-2
$41BOOSTRWest Gallery G02-RR1-2
$42BOOSTRWest Gallery G01-RR6-3
$43BOOSTRWest Tower G04-RR1-3
$44BOOSTRWest Tower G04-RR1-4
$45BOOSTRWest Tower G04-RR0-4
$46BOOSTRWest Tower G04-RR?-?
$47BOOSTRWest Tower G04-RR2-1
$4ABOOSTRWest Tower G04-RR0-6
$4BBOOSTRWest Tower G04-RR0-?
$60BOOSTREast Gallery G11-RR5-1
$61BOOSTREast Gallery G12-RR10
$63BOOSTREast Gallery G12-RR10
$6ABOOSTREast Gallery G11-RR7-1
$6BBOOSTREast Gallery G11-RR7-4
$70BOOSTREast Gallery G13-RR6
$71BOOSTREast Gallery G12-RR6
$72BOOSTREast Gallery G12-RR5
$7ABOOSTREast Gallery G14-RR1
$7BBOOSTREast Gallery G14-RR4
$80BOOSTREast Gallery RCCE-4
$81BOOSTREast Gallery G17-RR1-3
$82BOOSTREast Gallery G17-RR1-3
$8ABOOSTREast Gallery G16-RR2-1
$8BBOOSTREast Gallery G16-RR2-4

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