LClock Event Definitions 4-Jun-2016

Mike Kucera x4768

$A0 Any Linac Beam Pulse Shifter Beam Status
$A1 LLRF TriggerLLRFTR, Timer 601:A3
$A2 Fast Time Plot Event (TClk $02)Timer PAL Output
$A3 HE Quad Sample TimeQSMAPL, Timer 601:A2
$A4 HE Quad Power Supply TriggerQTRIGX, Timer 601:B0
$A5 Linac T-DataHEP/NTF TData Switch Module (LEI-RR2-10)
$A6 Klystron Node ÁP StartMPSTRT, Timer 601:A1
$A7 Klystron 15 Hz ChargeCHARGE, Timer 601:A0
$A8 nonenone
$A9 Fake Event (Node 610 only)Fake Standby Event for JAVA
$AA HEP $52 or Linac Studies $0A or MTA Beam $03EVAAD, Timer 601:180
$AB PreAcc Pulse ShifterPreAcc Pulse Shifter
$AC Debuncher Klystron System DelayKDDLY, Timer 601:B2
$AD Conditioned Beam EventHardware Module in Node 611
$AE Transition Klystron System DelayK0VDLY, Timer 601:B1
$AF Booster Reset (TClk $0C)TClk from CommRack (Fiber)


  1. Event $A0 is generated by beam enable/pulse shifter beam status output (50 Ás delay).
  2. Event $AC has jitter problems when 720 Hz event is enabled.
    Debuncher is using $AE for its reference.
  3. Event $AD is armed by event $AA, delayed 100 Ás, and triggered by event $AF.
    (to remove HEP/Studies clock event jitter relative to beam)

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