MDAT Frame Definitions 2-Oct-2019

Click here for definitions from 13-Oct-2008 (before the decommissioning of Tev/Recycler frames)

MDAT Frame ParameterType CodeTransmitter Device Name Data SourceFormat Full ScaleLSB Value of 16 Bit Word Transmitter TypeUnique PALs Composite Delay from $07 at RCDelay on Module from $07 Transmitter LocationDiagnostic Receiver Name Notes
Time of Day LSW$03G:MDAT03 CAMAC Data from TEVA FEBit Protocol    C166 V13.1 16618M.ABL 16652I.ABL 10 uSG:TC03D
8 uS
TEV $BE N22N/A Configured to always come up in CAMAC mode
Time of Day MSW$04G:MDAT04 CAMAC Data from TEVA FEBit Protocol    C166 V13.1 16618M.ABL 16652I.ABL 20 uSG:TC04D
18 uS
TEV $BE N23N/A Configured to always come up in CAMAC mode
BSSB State$05  TLGUnsigned Positive Integer    IPMDAT8  30 uSG:TGBBDY
30 uS
Switchyard State$12  TLGUnsigned Positive Integer    IPMDAT8  120 uSG:TGSWDY
118 uS
P1-P2-P3 Beamline Autotune Offset$20I:MDAT20 Data from CAMAC 468Unsigned Positive Integer    C166 V14.0 16618N.ABL 16652D.ABL 40 uSI:TC20D
38 uS
Main Injector Programmed P$30I:MDAT30 MECARUnsigned Positive Integer 170 GeV2.59x10-3 GeV IPMDAT8  50 uSI:MMDT1 32 uS MECAR FE @MI60NI:MCRT30  
Main Injector Programmed P Dot$31I:MDAT31 MECARSigned 2's Compliment 410 GeV/Sec1.25x10-2 GeV/Sec IPMDAT8  60 uSIlMMDT2 42 uS MECAR FE @MI60NI:MCRT31  
Main Injector Measured I$40I:MDAT40 MECAR (Pass Through of I:MIBEND)Unsigned Positive Integer 10000 Amps152.59 mA IPMDAT8  70 uSI:MMDT3 52 uS MECAR FE @MI60NI:MCRT40  
Main Injector Measured I Dot$41I:MDAT41 MECAR (Pass Through of I:MDIBND)Signed 2's Compliment 25000 A/Sec762.96 mA/sec IPMDAT8  80 uSI:MMDT4 62 uS MECAR FE @MI60NI:MCRT41  
Main Injector Programmed P Prime - MSW - Exponent and Partial Fraction$54I:MDAT54 MECARIEEE Floating Point    IPMDAT8  130 uSI:MMDTD5 112 uS MECAR FE @MI60N   
Main Injector Programmed P Prime - LSW - Remainder of Fraction$55I:MDAT55 MECARIEEE Floating Point    IPMDAT8  140 uSI:MMDTD6 122 uS MECAR FE @MI60N   
Main Injector Cycle ID
(MI State)
$56I:MDAT56 TLGUnsigned Positive Integer    IPMDAT8  90 uSG:TGMIDY
88 uS
TLGI:MCRT56 MI Machine Cycle ID for MILLRF
Main Injector Booster Batch Count$57  TLGUnsigned Positive Integer    IPMDAT8  100 uSG:TGCNDY
98 uS
TLG  Number of Booster batches in MI Cycle
Test Frame

Generates CAMAC 453 internal 720Hz interrupt
$60G:MDAT60 CAMAC DataUnsigned Positive Integer    C166 V13.1 16618M.ABL 16652I.ABL 190 uSG:TC60D
185 uS
TEV $BE N16G:MCRT60 The CAMAC 453 modules do their calculations at the receipt of this frame
Main Injector Quad Difference Current$62I:MDAT62 MECARSigned Integer 120 Amps3.6621 mA IPMDAT8  150 uSI:MMDTD7 132 uS MECAR FE @MI60NI:MCRT62  
Recycler Intensity$70R:MDAT70 R:BEAMUnsigned Positive Integer 9.70E+131.48E+09 IPMDAT8  160 uSR:TC70D
137 uS
Main Injector Intensity$73I:MDAT73 I:BEAMUnsigned Positive Integer 9.70E+131.48E+09 IPMDAT8  170 uSI:TC73D
147 uS
Filtered MI Intensity for QXR$74I:MDAT74 I:BEAMUnsigned Positive Integer 9.70E+131.48E+09 IPMDAT8  180 uSI:TC74D
157 uS
Recycler Ring Cycle ID
(RR State)
$86G:TLGRR TLGUnsigned Positive Integer    IPMDAT8  110 uSG:TGRRDY
108 uS
MI8-> MI Intensity$90I:MDAT90 I:TOR852Unsigned Positive Integer 9.70E+131.48E+09 IPMDAT8  210 uSI:TC90D
180 uS
MI10TOR FE @MI10I:MCRT90 I:Tor852 Intensity
MI8-> RR Intensity$91R:MDAT91 R:TOR853Unsigned Positive Integer 9.70E+131.48E+09 IPMDAT8  220 uSR:TC91D
188 uS
MI14TO FE @MI14R:MCRT91 R:Tor853 Intensity
RR-> MI Intensity$92R:MDAT92 R:TOR905Unsigned Positive Integer 9.70E+131.48E+09 IPMDAT8  230 uSR:TC92D
186 uS
MI30TO FE @MI30R:MCRT92 R:Tor905 Intensity
MI-> NuMI Intensity$93E:MDAT93 E:TOR101NUnsigned Positive Integer 9.70E+131.48E+09 IPMDAT8  240 uSE:TC93D
220 uS
N60TOR FE @MI60NE:MCRT93 E:Tor101 Intensity
MI-> NuMI Intensity$94I:MDAT94 I:TOR003NUnsigned Positive Integer 9.70E+131.48E+09 IPMDAT8  250 uSI:TC94DELAY
198 uS
M40TOR FE @MI40I:MCRT94 I:Tor003 Intensity
MI-> NuMI Intensity$95R:MDAT95 R:TOR003NUnsigned Positive Integer 9.70E+131.48E+09 IPMDAT8  260 uSR:TC95DELAY
208 uS
M40TOR FE @MI40R:MCRT95 R:Tor003 Intensity
MI-> NuMI Intensity$96I:MDAT96 (not used) I:TOR702 (not used)Unsigned Positive Integer 9.70E+131.48E+09 IPMDAT8  270 uSI:TC96D
270? uS
FE @MI60I:MCRT96 R:Tor702 Intensity
RR-> P1 Intensity
RR->P1 line
$97R:MDAT97 R:TOR703Unsigned Positive Integer 9.70E+131.48E+09 IPMDAT8  280 uSR:TC97D
262 uS
S60TOR FE @MI60SR:MCRT97 R:Tor703 Intensity

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