The TLG GPIP is based on the commercially available General Purpose IndustryPack Module from BIRA Systems. It is used to delay signals used to generate Booster, Main Injector and Tevatron TCLK reset events and also events $08 and $1A.
The TLG GPIP is also used to read the status of the "NTF Priority Request" line.

Another feature of the TLG GPIP module is that it can be used to transmit a single MDAT frame. This feature is no longer used as the frames are sourced from an 8 Frame MDAT Transmitter GPIP module

Memory Map

Base address = 0xFFF58200
OffsetIDDescriptionDevice NameDefault value
0x00Counter 0BMIN delay (Triggered by BMIN)B:RSTDLY64584 (0xFC48)
0x08Counter 115HZ delay for MI ResetsT:RSTDL11
0x10Counter 2$1A Request (Triggered by Timer 0 output)T:RSTD1A2100 (0x0834)
0x18Counter 3$08 RequestT:RSTDL33000 (0x0BB8)
0x20Counter 4Not usedT:RSTDL41
0x28Counter 5Not usedT:RSTDL51
0x30Counter 6Not usedT:RSTDL61
0x38Counter 7IP Interrupt 0T:RSTDL21
x040Control register[15..13]=IP interrupt enable[2..0]
[6..0] Timer enable 6..0 (7 is always enabled)
0x42Status Register[15..8]=switches
0=NTF Priority Request
0x60Interrupt vector register 0  0x0040
0x62Interrupt vector register 1  0
0x64Interrupt vector register 2  0
0x66MDAT data registerNo longer used 0

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