Mobile Apps

These are the available mobile applications developed by our department. Links for installing the app(s) will only work on the corresponding mobile device.

App Description OS Version and History

This is a stripped-down console app that communicates with the FIRUS system.

[Download and Install]

8/28/2020, v1.6 -- Updated hardware map.

9/26/2019, v1.5 -- Updated hardware map showing trunk 9.

This is a mobile ACL command line app.

[Download and Install]

9/21/2018, v1.2 -- Renewed application for another year.

ES&H Guide.

[Download and Install]

9/21/2018, v1.0 -- ES&H Mobile Guide.

[Download and Install]

12/07/2018, v1.0 -- ES&H Mobile Guide.

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