The SWIC scanner III micro program differs from that of its predecessor in several key ways. The length of the header information prefixed to each block of data returned by the scanner was incrased to 18 bytes from 14, the algorithm for calculating the mean and sigma of beam profiles was changed, and a new ADD mode was added to sum multiple scans. Refer to the Software Release note by W. L. Marsh dated 29 Jan 1986 for more information on the SWIC scanner III.
The 6-character ASCII string set in the scanner's internal memory that is displayed as its NAME in its video output and that is returned with with the header information of all data blocks it sends to the 032. It is not the scanner's EPICURE database device name. See Appendix A for more information.
Measured by Terry Kiper, 5-19-89.
Epicure Software Release Note 37.1, 15 May 1989 (draft).

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