The solution to the simulation issue was discussed with and verified by ObjecTime, Inc. at the ``Real-Time Computer Show'' held on July 20, 1995.
The VMS/ARCnet gateway is being developed to bridge software and hardware entities existing on VMS platforms with ones located in ARCnet networks.
The Philips/Signetics 2692 DUART is used to implement both the serial port and the timer.
The ``xxxx_'' represents the facility code for the RTOS API which is undefined at this time.
The algorithmics related to variable length block allocation has not been determined.
Refer to Epicure Software Release Note #147, ``Epicure Alarm Monitoring Services''.
The CUBServer is a proposed conceptual entity that resides on the Epicure front ends. It provides consistency between versions of the CUB systems RTOS throughout EADnet, a name service, and automatic downloads of the network database.

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