Slides from Talks

Fermilab Lecture Series
"Hadron Therapy and Cancer Treatment" presented by Dr. Arlene Lennox, Medical Physicist, Fermilab. The presentation can be downloaded here (pdf - 3.8MB).

Television News Stories

ABC 7 Chicago - WLS
We were featured on the "HealthBeat" on "ABC 7 Chcago - WLS". The story title is "Neutron Therapy"

WGN News at Nine
We were also featured on the "Medical Watch" on the "WGN News at Nine". The story title is "Life Saving Lift"


Hadron Therapy
A thorough overview of Hadronic Radiotherapy (including neutrons) can be found in an artcle by Paula L. Petti and Arlene J Lennox, published in the Annual Review of Nuclear and Particle Science, 1994, 44:155-197. A preprint can be downloaded here (pdf - 1.8MB).

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