PIP-II Machine Advisory Committee

The PIP-II Machine Advisory Committee, known as P2MAC, reviews, monitors and offers advice on the PIP-II R&D program. PIP-II is a plan for a multimegawatt proton facility at Fermilab. P2MAC looks at the overall PIP-II strategy and concentrates on R&D areas deemed critical to PIP-II's successful implementation. It offers advice and recommendations on the appropriateness of the associated effort. It may also identify areas in need of greater attention. It typically meets at least once a year and more frequently as conditions warrant. It is formally a subcommittee of the Fermilab Accelerator Advisory Committee, and the XMAC chair is a member of the AAC. P2MAC members are appointed by the Fermilab director with an initial term of four years.


  • Dr. Roland Garoby, Chair (ESS)
  • Dr. Sarah Cousineau (ORNL)
  • Dr. Frank Gerigk (CERN)
  • Dr. Kazuo Hasegawa (J-PARC, Japan)
  • Dr. Sang-ho Kim (ORNL)
  • Dr. Deepak Raparia (BNL)
  • Dr. David Schultz (SLAC)
  • Dr. Jie Wei (MSU)
  • Dr. Hans Weise (DESY, Germany)

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