Linac and RIL On Call Schedule

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MCR System Lists
Current Linac Call In Schedule Find here the Current Schedule for:
- Linac Machine Coordinator,
- Linac QPS/RF On Call and
- Linac QPS/RF Backup On Call.
For source and RIL issues, follow the link below.
Current RIL Call In Schedule This is a link to RIL Machine Coordinator Schedule
Linac/RIL System Call In List This is a link to the MCR Linac/PreAc System list.
Linac Annual Schedule
Calendar of current day and next 12 months Linac callin schedule.

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Set override dates Use this link to accomodate day swaps.
Current Rotation List Use this link to change the rotation scheme.
Authorization List Use this link to change Linac Callin Access priviliges.
Edit Weekly Email Note Use this link to change the note that will be appended to the weekly email that is sent out.
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