Fermilab Proton Source

Proton Source Department Mission

Maintain and improve the component accelerators that are the source for our proton beam. Provide proton beam for the Main Injector accelerator and all experimental areas.

The Fermilab Proton Source Department maintains the following component accelerators:

  • A 35 KeV H- ion source.
  • A 750 KeV RIL (RFQ Injection Line, including a Low & Medium Energy Beam Transport)
  • A 116 MeV Drift-Tube (Alverez) Linac operating at 201.25MHz
  • A 401 MeV Side-Coupled Cavity Linac operating at 805MHz.
  • A 8 GeV Proton Synchrotron Booster.

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RFQ Injection Line
Transport Lines
Side-Coupled Cavity

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