CAMAC C008-Tev Quench Transmitter


The C008 module is used to generate the TCLK $4E requests. The module is installed in TEV crate $A6 slot 13. The input signal comes from TECAR. The C008 module buffers this signal and sends it to the CAMAC C004 module. When this signal goes away, a TCLK event $4E is generated.

CAMAC Function codes

CAMAC Function Codes (Maybe)
F(6)A(0)Read module number 008
F(7)A(0)Dummy read, no data are returned
F(9)A(0)Clear module (Doesn't really do anything)

I/O Assignments

1LSignal in - 1RSignal in +
2L  2R 
3L  3R 
4L  4R 
5L  5R 
6L  6R 
7L  7R 
8L  8R 
9L  9R 
10L 10R 
11L 11R 
12L 12R 
13L 13R 
14L 14R 
15L 15R 
16L 16R 
17L 17R 
18LGND18RSignal out

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