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For assistance with a problems related to Central Services:
Some general diagnostics:

Console page D130 show status of Heartbeat to the Central Services. It will tell you if a process is running and has a base level of ACNET communication ability. Heartbeat will generate a console alarm for most processes that it monitors.

Console page D31 ('Central Nodes' subpage) polls ACNET nodes, looking for response from a ping. This page also displays information about the nodes-- interrupt under the 'Type' column for the node of interest.

You can check for any missing Linux Central Service with the use of the "acnet show" command. From any central Linux server, type "acnet show". A list of Central Services will be shown--appended with a list of any missing processes. Acnet show will tell you if the process is running--nothing more. D130 tells if the process is running and can be communicated with, via ACNET.

Some miscellaneous configuration background:

The URL for this page is http://www-bd.fnal.gov/controls/central_s/call_in.html

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