The controls documentation in this section contains topics relevant to the Controls Consoles.

You can read the online console application help. This is the same help that can be viewed while running a console application and pressing the "Help" key.

There are slides of the application programming tutorial. You may wish to navigate these slides using the outline format.

If you are getting started in console programming you may want to check out the new user document. For updates on the console environment you may want to look at news . Also information on printing out the help is available.

All applications are entered into our console system using MECCA. There is help on MECCA here.

All the library utility procedures needed to build a working console application can be found in any one of the many User Libraries we have or the main Console Library called CLIB. An abbreviated version of CLIB is also available.

There is a page for documentation of various application programs. Right now there is not very much on this applications documentation page so feel free to ask how one can submit a pure text document or a document in RTF (Rich Text Format) via your favorite Word Processor (such as Microsoft Word).

Also available is a historical document which outlined the software processes for the ACNET network. It is called dataserv. The historical document on the Fast Time Ploting service ... FTP is also available.

Miscellaneous docmentation on the Consoles and Console Environment is also available.

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