Areas of Responsibility

  • Data Acquisition Services
  • The Accelerator Controls NETwork Software on Consoles and Central Computing nodes... ACNET
  • Commercial relational Database systems used for accelerator device addressing and scaling information as well as data storage for Accelerator Console Applications and other centralized services
  • Accelerator alarm reporting system... ALARMS
  • Download of code and other operational information to Front-End microproccesors... DNLDD
  • Periodic reading and saving of all normally addressable control system data... BIGSAVE, to help discover ERRORS
  • Export (TCPORT ) to and Import (MACSET, REMOTE) from Mac and unix machines of device readings and settings
  • Shared file access by Accelerator Console Applications... FSHARE
  • Global coordination of data from multiple Front-End microprocessors... GLFRIG
  • Monitoring HEARTBEAT of important tasks on Consoles, Central Computing nodes and Front-End microprocessors
  • Circular and Permanent archive of selected accelerator parameters... LJARCHIVE, LUMBERJACK
  • Software emulation of Front-Ends to facilitate Console Applications development... MIRROR
  • Software Front-Ends to allow calculated device values... CACHE, MACALC, TEVCAL, CHLOAC, BOOOAC, TIMEAV
  • Software Front-Ends to allow import of modeling data to the control system... SRFILE, SDASRV, LJOAC
  • Shot Data Acquisition (for analysis of collider mode shot setup)... CBSHOT, PBSHOT, RRSHOT
  • Collection of SNAPshot plot data periodically or after accelerator events
  • Storage of save/restore data used to restore accelerator subsystems to previous states... SRSAVE
  • and, other miscellaneous centralized services (Linux or Java)

Call-in instructions for Central Service related problems.

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