The documentation in this section contains topics relevant to the Front End Group.

Front-end Services

Front-end Group Product Manuals

Presentation Slides

  • Using XMLRPCs on VxWorks (PDF)

Hardware Documents

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Department Links

Here are useful links that were created by other Beams Division members:

Group-related Links

Here are links currently in use by members of our group:

Argonne Lab's Self Describing Data Set
(SDDS) Documentation

It is hoped that the performance data taken from the 2.5m telescope at Apache Point will be analyzed using the SDDS toolkit. This link takes you to the file format description. It also describes some of the filters already developed that understand this format.

CORBA 2.3 Specification from the Object Management Group

Our group has an ongoing interest in CORBA.

EPICS Home Page

Our group also has an ongoing interest in EPICS.

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