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Kevin Yacoben
January 7, 1997

Application Data Storage (APPDS) is a facility designed to provide application programmers with a set of easy to use routines to store data in a system independent format. Further more, APPDS is intended to be a replacement for File-sharing (FSHARE). With APPDS the user can define an APPDS table based on a "C" structure and through APPDS routines instances of this native "C" structure can be stored, deleted and retrieve. Also APPDS allows the user to control how the APPDS table is accessed, either Sequential, Indexed or Keyed.

The APPDS facility consists of two components, the APPDS Manager application and a set of APPDS library routines. It is through the APPDS Manager application that all APPDS table maintenance is performed, such as new table creation, table deletion and setting of table default parameters. Once created, an APPDS table can then be accessed via the APPDS routines.

To store data APPDS makes use of commercial relational databases. When an APPDS table is defined, via the APPDS Manager facility, one ore more database tables are created to hold all the data for the given structure. The key benefit to using commercial databases is that all data is stored within a system independent format. All database interactions are transparent to the user and are handled by the APPDS facility.

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